XI Admission Circular 2020, Application Porcess and Latest News

XI Admission Circular 2020, Application Porcess and Latest News

XI Admission Circular 2020 and it's updated news is here. After passing the SSC exam successfully, I think you are ready to get admitted into a college for your HSC education. This article is for you to know all information related to HSC Admission Circular 2020.

This year SSC examination held on 3rd February to 27th February 2020 for theory and 4th to 11th March for Practical examination. 16,35,240 students sat for the SSC exam this year under eight general education boards and one madrasah board.

XI Admission Circular 2020

Here is good news for you. No admission test will be held for admitting in class xi. Every student will admit in the college based on their result and choices of colleges. After publishing the SSC result 2020, a government will publish the notice for Xi admission Circular 2020. You’ll get the notice from education board websites or daily newspapers.

You can apply both online or by SMS from mobile. You can apply from 26th June to 9th Jul.y 2020. After the date, the system will be closed as per regulation. Be conscious, as you can’t apply if you miss the deadline.

XI Admission Circular 2020
You can apply for the highest ten (10) colleges/madrasahs/vocational institutions for admission. If you apply online, it’ll cost 150/= Taka at a time for ten colleges. But if you apply through SMS, it’ll cost 120/= Taka per application. It’s better to apply online for cost-saving.

Who can apply for HSC Admission

The candidates who passed SSC examination 2015, 2016, 2020 from any general and madrasah education can apply for HSC Admission 2020. Also, the candidates who passed the SSC examination 2014,2015,2016,2020 from Bangladesh Open University can apply.

Applicants Group Choice
An applicant can choose any one group from the following:

For general education board
  • An applicant from a science background can choose any one of science, humanities, or business studies group.
  • An applicant from a business studies background can choose either business studies or humanities.
  • An applicant from a humanities background can choose either humanities or business studies.
For madrasah board
  • An applicant from a science background can apply any one of science, general group, or muzabbid in madrasah education board. He/She can also apply for anyone of science, humanities, or business studies in the general education board.
  • An applicant from a general group background can apply for a general group or muzabbid in the madrasah education board. He/She can also apply for humanities or business studies in general education board.
  • An applicant from muzabbid group background can apply for a general group or muzabbid in the madrasah education board. He/She can also apply for humanities or business studies in general education board.

How to Apply for Xi Admission 2020 from Online

Before going to further process, you have to pay 150/= Taka for application by using Teletalk SIM. To pay 150/= taka,
  • Type CAD <space> WEB <space> Board <space> Roll <space> Year <space> Reg No. and Send to 16222. (Example: CAD WEB DHA 123456 2020 1234567890) and ( example: For Dhaka=DHA, Chittagong=CHI,Comilla=COM,Rajshahi=RAJ,Jessore=JES,Barishal=BAR,Sylhet=SYL, Dinajpur=DIN, Madrasah=MAD, Technical Education Board=TEC and Bangladesh Open University=BOU).
  • You’ll get a confirmation Code (PIN) approving your Name, First three Letter of Education Board, Passing Year and Roll Number.
  • If you are ready to continue, Type CAD <space> Yes <space> PIN <space> Contact Mobile Number and Send to 16222. (CAD YES 123456 015********)
  • After submitting successfully, you’ll get a transaction ID.
  • Now go to www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd and click Apply Online. You’ll get an information page to enter your SSC/Equivalent Exam Roll Number, Board, Passing Year, and Registration Number.
  • If you successfully enter your information, you’ll get your GPA. Now enter your mobile number. It is very sensitive as the number will be used for further proceedings.
  • Now select your desired colleges, Group, Shift and Version, and Quota. You can select ten institutions most.
Group Keyword
For General Education Board: SC for Science, HU for Humanities, BS for Business Studies, and HS for Home Science.

For Madrasah Board: SC for Science, GE for General, and MU for Muzabbid.

Shift keyword
D for Day shift, M for Morning, E for Evening and N for No shift.

Version Keyword
B for Bangla Version and E for English Version.

Quota Keyword
FQ for Freedom Fighter Quota, SQ for Special Quota, and EQ for Education Quota.

Submit your application and print a copy. You’ll get a confirmation SMS through your mobile.

How to Apply for xi Admission 2020 through SMS

  1. At first, Type CAD<space>your desired college EIIN number<space> your desired group keyword (see online apply system for keyword) <space>first three letter of your education board in capital letter <space>your SSC Roll Number <space> Passing year of SSC/Equivalent exam <space> Registration Number <space> Shift keyword <space> Version Keyword <space> Quota Keyword (if any) and send to 16222.
  2. For example without quota: CAD 454545 SC JES 2020 2583691470 D B
  3. For example with Quota: CAD 454545 SC JES 2020 2583691470 D B F
  4. After successfully completing the application, you’ll get a PIN number. You’ll need this PIN number to pay for each college admission fee. To send money,
  5. Type CAD<space>YES<space>PIN number<Contact Number> and send to 16222.
  6. For example: CAD YES 1254563 01********* (Mobile Number)
  7. You’ll get a confirmation message with the candidate name and tracking number after a while. Preserve it carefully for the admission process.

Process of HSC Admission 2020 selection colleges

Your SSC GPA and marks in each subject are important for admission into your desired college. As GPA can’t vary too much, the total number will be a key factor to select the candidate. If you cut a good mark, you can choose your favorite college for class eleven admissions. On the other hand, if your mark is poor, don’t dare to choose famous colleges. If you do it, your result won’t publish for the first merit list and you’ll be anxious for a few days until next merit list publish.

HSC Admission 2020: Important News

The Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee has decided to complete the admission process of Class XI within 30 days. It has also been decided to give the result of re-examination of SSC within 20 days this year. The decision was taken at a meeting held online on Monday (April 26). Traditionally, the process of fruit re-examination is completed in 1 month and admission process is completed in 20 days in one month.

At the end of the meeting, a press release of the Rajshahi Board of Education said that a number of changes have been planned in the XI admission process this year. Admission is completed in 50 days every year. In that case, admission will be completed within 30 days this year. SSC examination results are usually reviewed within 30 days after publication.

College life is very important for a student to build up a career. A good friend, college, and environment can change or enhance your future life. You can learn a lot from great teachers and friend circles. So, try to get admitted to a better college which you desire.

This article, XI Admission Circular 2020 is to help you make better decisions. But, remember that your college won’t give you better results and life if you are away from studies.
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